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Participate facilites communication between organizers and participants for secure and reliable exchanges.

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How the NFT reinvents the event industry
« How the NFT reinvents the event industry »

The events sector was strongly impacted by the health crisis. However, this delicate period has also strengthened the need to meet again. Digital technology can breathe new life into this sector and meet the new expectations of organisers and participants in the best possible way. This is the challenge of the Participate platform, which is designed to meet the needs of all types of events, whether they are very large or more personal. Explanations on this democratisation of the hybrid event with Itsik Teboul (CEO) and Ruben Slama (project manager).

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Participate's own token in the app for gamification
The eco-friendly blockchain that combines low transaction costs, security and reliability
A native application for an easy access from all smartphones
Specialised technical support in securing digital wallets

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