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Web3, NFTs and Gamification are powerful accelerators for events. Participate unleashes this potential.

First round

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Round 1

350K EUR ont déja été récolté en private sale

Our habits have changed. The way we participate and get involved in an event too. Participate offers a complete and intuitive ecosystem in response to new uses of events.
NameParticicoin ($PTC)*
Supply10.000.000.000 PTC
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain
*Audited by CERTIK

Value proposition

New concept
Experience an event like never before! Participate aims to become the reference solution in the event industry.
Gamification & Tokens
Participate, share, invite, like and win! Your paid interactions with Participate.
Social & Interactive Platform
A social application that allows you to experience your events (private/public) in the best possible way and add a new dimension to them.
Evolutionary perspectives
This reference solution will evolve according to the wishes of its users.
New experiences
Challenge your event vision! Our features and modules create a successful customised experience.
Strong cultural & Artistic impact
An actor of choice for musicians, painters, stylists, artists, etc.

$PTC Performance

With the community

Capture and unite engaged users around events and stimulate interactions.

With the ecosystem

Build a reliable, secure and attractive platform that meets expectations.

With the use cases

Develop scalable features to boost the events sector.


Token allocation

Reserve Liquidity : 24.5%
ICO Round 1 : 7.5%
ICO Round 2 : 10%
ICO Round 3 : 10%
Plateform Acquisition-Reward : 20%
Private Sale : 5%
Marketing : 5%
Team & Advisors : 8%
Associates & Founders : 10%
Become a beta tester!

Be part of the first to discover the application
and earn your first ePTC by using the app for your events!

$PTC per round

Buy $PTC in crypto-currency or by bank transfer.

Round 1
€500 Min ticket

€0.002 / PTC

750,000,000 $PTC
3 month Cliff
6 month Vesting
€50,000 Max ticket
Round 2
€200 Min ticket

€0.003 / PTC

1,000,000,000 $PTC
1 month Cliff
4 month Vesting
€100,000 Max ticket
Round 3
€100 Min ticket

€0.004 / PTC

1,000,000,000 $PTC
No Cliff
No Vesting
€100,000 Max ticket


  1. Birth

    The idea of Participate was born out of confrontation with the problems encountered by organisers, and then from the observation of the hybridisation of the event.

    • Conceptualisation and prototyping of the project
  2. Interest

    The mention of the solution aroused immediate interest, and the first months of Participate were devoted to setting up the working structure.

    • More than 400 providers join Participate
    • Structuring of divisions and team building
  3. Development

    Participate has prepared the development of its network of providers and organisers thanks to its commercial team in parallel with the development of the core application.

    • Launch of the private Alpha version
    • Integration and deployment of main features (live, community feed...)
    • UX/UI review
    • Launch of the Web App Beta
    • Launch of the acquisition strategy
    • B2B canvassing
  4. Private sale

    By the end of 2021, we have determined our objectives and succeeded in convincing a first circle of investors and users.

    • UX/UI design
    • Development of the mobile application
  5. Product

    After a successful private sale, we decided to focus our forces on the product and the offers surrounding it.

    • Conceptualisation of new functionalities related to Blockchain
    • Transition from web app to native mobile application
  6. ICO & APP

    The ICO will coincide with the release of the mobile application in BETA version to create a community of involved and enthusiastic testers!


  1. Consolidation of the core application

    Our first objective will be to improve the experience of our users to allow all audiences to become familiar with and take full advantage of the application and its benefits.

  2. Public launch and exhibition

    With the rapid validation of major partnerships, Participate will benefit from ideal brand exposure for the sector.

  3. $PTC listing on exchanges

    Enabling as many people as possible to support and engage in the Participate ecosystem is one of our major goals.

  4. Expansion of the NFT studio

    The Studio will expand its team of creators and communicators to federate an NFT-friendly community around Participate and offer exclusive benefits related to the best events.

  5. Brand campaigns

    Increase Participate's visibility through major communication campaigns and partnerships.

  6. Enhancement of the application

    The mobile application will be completed with +50 features in the future, including blockchainised transaction formats.

  7. Multiplying the utilities of the $PTC

    The application's token will allow more and more possibilities for users as well as for participants of partner events.

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